How to use the default action_restart action?


I want to have a message at the beginning of the conversations. Based on the documentation ( Default Actions (, I have included an utter_restart response into the domain.yml file (into the responses section), but it does not work. If I enter /restart either in Rasa X guest conversation or in Rasa Interactive, the message is not there… I have tried to put the utter_restart into the templates section (as I have seen this in some examples), but it did not helped either (I have even tried to use the --forced parameter during trainings as well).

The RulePolicy is included in the config…

Any idea or suggestions?


It is very strange, but after a few system restarts (the restarts were because of other reasons), the utter_restart is just started to work… Now I am totally confused, what was the cause of the problem (but I am still trying to figure it out).