How to use slot_was_not_set?

You can see,when local is test,it run UI59BCYY46_N7O8{KY~$HW

but I want to when local is other thing, then all action fallback %UD1UY}__07F8ND1)BCJOF

and use slot_was_not_set? how to write?when local is not test, then all response the same

I need the help,thanks


Hi! :smiley:

I think you need to use rasa FormValidationAction to check this slot value

Or maybe you can chance this slot to boolean

  - slot_was_set:
    - local: False

no,the local has a lot of values.local is the location of some courts,I write a rasa for different courts.

I use another story:


  • slot_was_set:
    • local: shushan
  • slot_was_set:
    • local: shushan2
  • slot_was_set:
    • local: shushan3

action: utter_nlu_fallback

but I thinks the way use too much rows,is there a way write ‘not equal local:test’?only a little rows.

and I use it just in story,I don’t use form, it too troublesome

I think you can create custom action like that:

slot_local_value = tracker.get_slot('local')

if slot_local_value != "teste":
  dispatcher.utter_message(response = "utter_nlu_fallback")
  return []