How to use Rasa Inspect with a rasa run server

So I need to use rasa run --enable-api because I need multiple instances sending input to Rasa, but I also need a primary interface, and I would very much prefer it was the Rasa inspect interface. So basically I interact from the inspect interface chat window, but I want the custom actions to trigger some processes that can alter the slots of the ongoing conversation.

So basically I have an active flow, but one of the custom action triggers a process that runs asynchronously, and I need to wait for it to complete. Since I do not have an interface to check the status of the process itself, I am thinking of making the process set a slot in rasa, and have the custom action constantly check this slot until timeout.

Ofcourse, any other alternatives to making the flow wait for the completion of this process, are also appreciated.

You may define a slot named completed and do a loop in the flow level





  action: async_action

  - id: lp

    noop: true


      -  if: not slots.completed

         then: lp

      - else: go

  - id: go

    action: utter_completed`

Please refer to Rasa pro doc for the correct syntax.