How to use default action_listen in file

Followings are the version which I am using: rasa-core : 0.13.7 rasa-nlu : 0.14.6 rasa-core-sdk : 0.12.2

Hello everyone, I need to pause for user input while asking input from user. For this I am using default action_listen in file but its not working. I havent included it in my domain.yml as I dont want to override default action_listen. Though we can achieve such things with forms but I would like to go with dynamic action.

Can I use default action_listen in custom action in file? If yes than can you please suggest how can I do that.

Thanks in advance

hi @Nayan11 - welcome to the forum!

you don’t need to include action_listen in your, the story format implicitly says that there is a listen at the end of every sequence of actions. Can you share your stories here?