How to update slot values based on intent rather than entity


I want to update slot values depending on user’s intent. For example, if user intent is

  1. “duration” then i want to only update slot duration only.

  2. “duration+some_problem” then i want to update slots duration as well as some specific problem slot.

It is not mandatory that if intent is “duration+some_problem”, it will contain all the entities in the input that needs to be updated.

So, I am thinking to call a custom action after receiving each intent that will be able to update the required slots. But i have to repeatedly call it after each user response which makes me believe that it will make the bot slow.

Is there any better way to perform the task?

Using a custom action here is the best solution. Why are you worried it’ll make your bot slow? You don’t have to make an API call or anything do you?

@amn41 Thanks for confirming that it is the best way to achieve the target.