How to Uninstall/Remove RASA X deployed on Linux server

So I followed this link RASA Masterclass Episode 9 and installed RASA X on a Linux server. Later I realized that I need RASA Open source and not RASA X. How can I uninstall RASA X that I installed using above guide? This was probably the command that installed it curl -sSL -o

@waseemakram Heya! Linux Server is on GCP or AWS? or its just linux machine?

@waseemakram If you have any doubt or query please mention me @ and nik202 :slight_smile:

@nik202 RASA X would take up server resources. I’ve to uninstall previous installation. Can you guide me on this please?

@waseemakram You not answered my previous post first question ?

@waseemakram Linux command to remove package, if you able to see rasa-x

sudo apt-get remove {package-name}


curl -sSL -o --uninstall

Not sure above one but try please and let me know.

@waseemakram Share me more details please, then I can give you clear suggestion and solution for same.

@nik202 It’s definitely not AWS. @nik202 both the commands didn’t worked. Maybe it’s because the way I installed it. Can you look at guide above and see if you can help me get it uninstalled. thanks

@waseemakram can you tell me what is your linux server or some more information, even the screenshot of terminal etc.