How to train Rasa3 nlu on gpu

Hi. I am trying to train rasa3 nlu on gpu, but it just cant. I am migrating from rasa2 and it works well on gpu, which proves the gpu or nvidia-smi or something else works fine. while i try it on rasa3, it shows no process running on gpu, based on the feedback from nvidia-smi.

If my words are too vague to locate the problem, can someone tell me how to print tensorflow log? It seems like rasa omits the tensorflow log and only print rasa log.

extra info:

  1. no error occurs when run CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 rasa train nlu

Can anyone help?

I had to train rasa3 on cpu yesterday, and it took me over 12 hours long :frowning: Cant stop to remeber the happy time date with rasa2: with the same condition it only cost 20 mins on gpu :smile:

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did you found a solution to train rasa3 model in gpu ?

yes. Not rasa3’s problem. try to check if your cuda version, gpu driver is compatiable with rasa3’s.