How to set hyperparameters in rasa

Hello. This is Ryohei.

I’m new to RASA and I’m trying to make chatbot with this framework.

When I train the model, I need to write some configurations in cofig.yml.

I think I also need to write hyperparameters on cofig.yml.

Could you tell me how to define thse things on cofig.yml please?

・what loss function to use ・learning rate ・what activation function to use

My current config.yml is like following.


language: ja_ginza

pipeline: - name: HFTransformersNLP model_weights: “cl-tohoku/bert-base-japanese-whole-word-masking” model_name: “bert” - name: “LanguageModelTokenizer” - name: “LanguageModelFeaturizer” - name: “DIETClassifier” epochs: 100


best regards


It is always best to check the documentation first.