How to send dataframe as a table in utterance using webchat UI

I am using pandas module for custom actions data processing.

Is there a way to display the dataframe as a table in the Rasa webchat…?

Or how can we send data in table format as utterance? Where the user will get a clear picture about the responce.

help me with this…

I think you can use pandas.DataFrame.to_string method to convert data frame to string and so an utterance (At custom action with dispatcher.utter_message function). It may be a naive solution.

Currently i am using it in that way.

I am having more columns and rows ie. summary like table to send utterance. In that case it will not be a better solution.

@janaesh Hi, currenlty there is no such use case like display the data into data. May be you can convert the data table to image and render it?

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