How to run the customized Facebook Channel code overriding the default code

Hi All, and @akelad

I have done customization to the Facebook Channel code to handle video uploads. I have that changed code as in my local folder. How can I override the core/channels/ with my customized code? Can I do that notice as a param with rasa run command?

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Hi all,

As a temporary workaround for this, i have altered the rasa.core library Facebook Channel code in the production environment (Although it is not recommended).

Appreciated your support on this to solve this properly.

Hi @malinthasa, you should be able to use the in your local folder by providing the path of the class it the module in your credentials.yml:

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@erohmensing can you describe this with a small example. I am also trying to override the file, because i need to convert audio file from fb messanger into text by using external API, then pass to rasa nlu.

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I have copied the and pasted as in root directory and changed my credentials.yml of the facebook section into

     verify: <key>
     secret: <secret>

now it is working with this :wink:

hi, can you please tell me how did you do to convert audio file? iā€™m working on it since 30 days :frowning: