How to retrain but keep old data in Rasa Chatbot

I have already trained my chatbot and everything is correct. Now I want to add some data and train again, but I don’t want to retrain all old and new data. I just want to train new data for my chatbot. Is there any way for me to do that? I have just learned about Rasa Chatbot recently. Thank you

@duongtln I think No, you need to train again and again, if you have changed the code. Even for action server. Even your previous model will stay in the model folder. Small changes, the model train fast but sometimes model take longer to train. It all depends on data and pre-processing at the backend.

You said new data for my chatbot, but your new data is added in the old data, so it is interlinked that means it will train together.

I hope you got my points.

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