How to reset the rasa slot value to null or none after every refresh of the website? I know we can use /restart but it is not convenient for user to type this. So is there any technique or method for this?

I had built a website with the help of HTML, CSS, JS integrated with the Rasa bot. but in my testing, I have noticed that when I am refreshing the page the rasa form and rasa slot are not resetting the value to null or none. I have to manually type /restart for that. So help me solve this problem.

You need to change sender between sessions

What do you mean by that? Can you show a example?

How are you sending your messages to Rasa?

Here is the JS code that I have written.

Can you tell me where should I change to achieve the goal?

This is ChatbotWidget. Do you understand the code and how it talks with the bot?

The data you’re sending is {message, sender}. You are always sending from "Me", and this is why your conversation doesn’t reset.