How to reset every slot after Form Action?

Hi, I would like to know how to set all slots to None once the form is finished. Usually by default I noticed required_slot back to None. The slots that are filled usually stay the same. I want to end a story with all slots:None

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@Nexemics you could add a custom action reset_slots in which you map them to none and include this in your stories after you inform the user using the entities. Something like this maybe:

* request_restaurant
   - restaurant_form
   - form{"name": "restaurant_form"}
   - form{"name": null}
   - utter_slots_values
   - reset_form_slots 

how to define reset_form_slots? thanks.

You can also use the form’s submit method: Forms Just let it return [SlotSet("slot1", None), ...] for every slot that your form fills.

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