How to reload the model without restart server

I have used docker to start several instances running rasa_nlu.Now I want to know how to update the model which is now running on the server without restart it.The documentionsays rasa can fetch the model from server every few seconds.

Is this what I exactly want.And I still want to know ,in this case, how to start a server like “” which mentioned in the documention.Anyone knows or any suggestions about my problem . Thank you

Today ,I config he endpoints.yml like thisendpo
Then I start a server by flask.The code is as this

finally I start the server by the commod “rasa run --enable-api -endpoints endpoints.yml” And I got the warning “Coud not load model in models” .

It seems that rasa has not fetch the model from the server I provide in endpoints.yml. Anyone can help me with this problem

It seems I find the problem and I opened a issue here issue

You can replace the current model without restarting the server


{ “model_file”: “/models/20190512.tar.gz”, “model_server”: { “url”: “string”, “params”: {}, “headers”: {}, “basic_auth”: {}, “token”: “string”, “token_name”: “string”, “wait_time_between_pulls”: 0 }, “remote_storage”: “aws” }

Please refer the url given below for your reference