How to receive an image in a form,

Hi there team!

I am trying to collect some user information, starts with info like name/city etc and then I would like the user to send in an image.

I will then have an action look at a Twilio Url of the sent in media and add it to some database. All that needs to occur is that the media file is detected by rasa, and an action is triggered that can then make an API request to twilio to examine it.

My form can request the media, but it throws an attribute error when one is sent in by the user. I have thought about

Has anyone got any advice? thanks

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First, let me see if I understood you correctly. Do you want to send an image to your bot? Like this:

bot: Please send me the image. user: sends image. bot: Download the image and process it.

Correct yes :slight_smile:

and then once it has been downloaded and processed, return a response to the user

I’ve done that with Telegram. What Twilio api are you using? Does it say something about receiving images?

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