How to pass payloads between actions of rasa_core module

I have defined slots and actions in domain file as

slots: location: search_success: type: bool search_result: type: unfeaturized


  • actions.ActionSearchRestaurants
  • actions.SendEmail

Intend is to send restaurat search result to action sendMail for which i tried to use unfeturized slot ‘search_result’’.

ActionSearchRestaurants will set the unfeaturized slot as <SlotSet(‘search_result’,search_response)> and tried to access it from SendEmail action as <resturant_result = tracker.get_slot(‘search_result’) > which returns None always. I am not sure if I could use this way.

Please suggest a way out.

  • can you share the code of your actions? Especially how you set the slots please.
  • We usually name our custom actions something like action_search_restaurant, seems like you are using an older syntax here, but not sure whether this breaks anything.
  • which logs do you get when starting the action server?