How to modify details if users says no in forms?

I have a created bot that asks user details and it asks user ‘can I save this information?’ if users says Yes bot stores those details in the database. If user says No bot replies Bye.
How to modify details if users says no in forms?

Consider this flow as example:
Bot: What is your name?
User: XXX
Bot: What is your mobile number?
User: 1234567890
Bot: What is your Address?
User: xyz
Bot: Can I save this information Name:XXX, Mobile number:1234567890 ,Address: xyz?
User: No
Bot: Which detail you want to modify?
User: Mobile Number
Bot: What is your mobile number?

Thanks in advance.

You can validate the form input for “Yes/No” in a custom validate_save (validate_slotname) method (ref) inside a FormValidationAction and return slot values depending on each case.

First, you need to create slots called form_completed and form_incorrect:

class ValidateMyForm(FormValidationAction):
    def name(self):
        return "validate_my_form"

    def validate_username(self, value, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        if tracker.get_intent_of_latest_message() == 'affirm':
            return {'form_completed': True, 'form_incorrect': False} 
            return {'form_completed': False, 'form_incorrect': True}

Second, create a slot called slot_to_correct (more later) and validate it. You can implement this in many ways:

  1. You can create 3 intents for give_name, give_mobile_number, and give_address
  2. You can create 1 intent give_information which can have entities inform_name, inform_mobile_number, and inform_address
  3. You can check if the whole text matches “Name”, “Mobile Number”, or “Address”, which isn’t recommended of course

What I would do is solution #1, and in utter_ask_slot_to_correct, I give 3 buttons with payloads for these intents, so I will continue as such:

    def validate_slot_to_correct(self, value, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        slot_to_correct = None
        form_incorrect = False # Assume the form will be correct after this correction

        intent = tracker.get_intent_of_latest_message()
        if intent == 'give_name':
            slot_to_correct = 'name'
        elif intent == 'give_mobile_number':
            slot_to_correct = 'number'
        elif intent == 'give_address':
            slot_to_correct = 'address'
        else: # If you use buttons, and don't let the user type when buttons are displayed, this will never be executed
            form_incorrect = True

        return {'slot_to_correct': slot_to_correct, 'form_incorrect': form_incorrect}

Finally, in the required_slots method (ref), you can require new slots depending on their values:

    def required_slots(self, predefined_slots, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        if tracker.get_slot('form_incorrect'):
            if tracker.get_slot('slot_to_correct') is None: # If the form is incorrect and the user still haven't said what the mistake is
                # Now the bot will ask the user "Which detail you want to modify?" to fill the `slot_to_correct` slot
                # Of course, to ask this, you will need to implement the phrase in `utter_ask_slot_to_correct` or `action_ask_slot_to_correct` like for the other slots
                return ['slot_to_correct'] #+ predefined_slots?
            else: # The user now has said  which slot to correct
                # Now the bot will ask for the slot inside `slot_to_correct` (e.g. `name`)
                return [tracker.get_slot('slot_to_correct')] #+ predefined_slots?
            return predefined_slots

The code may not be 100% correct but this is the idea :slight_smile:

Of course, all these methods need to be inside a FormValidationAction for your form!

Thanks! I’ll try and let you know.

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hi @ChrisRahme I’m getting this reply.

@nik202 Could you help me?

@Shan what is your current state of error, can you brief me what you want to archive?

Please check my question above. I’m not getting any error. Bot replies same question again and again when I want to modify details.

@Shan Ok, mean the problem persist still? have you tried delete the older model and trained and run?

@nik202 Yes, I have tried that but it didn’t work

@Shan Have you tried rasa interactive mode to find the issue more in detail? @Shan Can you share the rasa or rasa-sdk --debug logs for this conversation. @Shan can you share me stories or rule files if you using?

Hi, inside validate yes no function check intent name instead of value. Then if the answer is deny. Then use a slot which will ask user which detail is incorrect. Capture the entity and then make that slot None just like below

{"requested_slot":"phone_number", "phone_number":None}

This way you can ask user the same question again. Make sure not to submit form. Try this and let me know if you need some more help