How to manage an optional slot in a form?

Hi there! I’m new here. Someone can help me with this issue?

I have three slots to fill

  • Category

  • Activity

  • Deadline

Deadline is optional.

What I want is… if the user send a message with all the three entities together that’s means that he want’s the deadline, so all slot must be filled. But, if he send a message with only the obligatory ones, to be sure he doesn’t miss the deadline, I have to ask for a deadline.

If the answer is a “deny” intent, submit only the obligatory ones (category and activity, e.g. deadline to None). Otherwise the user just send a deadline to fill the slot.

What I have done for the moment is setting a form like follow

      - type: from_entity
        entity: category
      - type: from_entity
        entity: activity
      - type: from_entity
        entity: deadline

but the behavior is not exactly what I’m looking for.

Someone can help me?

Take a look at the dynamic forms description on the forms page. You can customize required_slots for your deadline.