How to make the Form repeat cycle

I’ve tried in some ways but without success.

I need that after filling the slot “slot_continue” with the true value, the form would request the slot “slot_field” again or if the “slot_continue” slot is set to false would perform a custom action.

Can anyone help me?



Can you please show what you have tried to be able to assess your level and/or if you were close to the solution?

You’ll be able to do that by implementing the required_slots() method for this form, in which you basically do this logic:

 async def required_slots(self, domain_slots, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
    additional_slots = []

    if tracker.slots.get('slot_continue') is True:

    return additional_slots + domain_slots

I created the form validation action, but it was not triggered.



If you do print('>>> I am here <<<') at the start of the required_slots() method, does it appear in the action logs when the form gets triggered?


Can you give more details?

What is happening? Is the form running but not the action, or the form isn’t even running?

I should know before continuing to the next step (you have to implement the validate() method as well).

the form opens, receives values from all fields and closes at the end without going through the validation class.


no stories

@ChrisRahme, I managed to intercept the events.

Now during a slot validation. I need to abort (close) the form. Do you know how I can do this?

You can set the required_slot to None or return an empty list in the required_slots() method