How to make rasa recognize numbers like ID's?

Hi I want rasa to recognize numbers like AC7200,AC9900,AC7201,AC3400-AC5000 ,801.2b/1/

Do I need to add any configured pipelines,please can you provide a small example


hi, @martinavalogia you can recognize numbers by using entity extraction and regular expression concepts you have to define related examples in your file and extract numbers as entity for precise extraction you can use regex.


intent: employee



in some cases like phone number, and numerals extraction Duckling is a good choice

Hi @Muhammad-Awais-AI Thank you for your reply If I want to recognize ID’s between AC3500 and AC600 or like 801.a1a, 802.a2h,802.1a/b/g/c how can we do that


the above example is a generalized overview of regex and entity extraction which will extract all codes starts with any two alphabets followed by four numbers for extraction of other patterns you have to define regex for that specific entity in your file.


Please read the documentation of entity and slot usage in Rasa