How to loop story until user clicks a button?

I found this post - How do I disable user input when buttons are active? which is pretty much exactly what I would like to do, but I can’t figure out how to get the bot to reply with only “please click a button from above”. The model will still identify the intent of whatever the user writes and then try to continue on a different story path.

I would like to keep the user in a loop until they click on one of the buttons, and in order to escape the loop (if none of the buttons are what they want) I’d just have a button that says “this is not what I want”.

@zjntmo What channel are you using? At the surface, to me, I would think you would want to just disable text input, rather than repeatedly sending the buttons over and over to your users if they try to say something

I believe LivePerson is what handles my team’s chats, however I personally do not work with it at all and was hoping I could find a solution within Rasa. Additionally, a number of users will simply not understand that it’s a button to click unless they are told, so I wanted to give them a notice of that.

I didn’t mean to have the button themselves be reposted as the reply, just a message asking them to select an option from the buttons

@zjntmo Gotcha. What about sending that text with the buttons (e.g. “please select one of the buttons below to continue”) rather than sending it in a follow up message? It also might be worth checking with the people that do work with LivePerson to see if disabling text input is possible. Personally, I find repeating the same text repeatedly to be a frustrating user experience and if a text input is available to me, I would think it should be possible to use it; however, we can figure out how to do it, if you still want to go this route

What about sending that text with the buttons

If only that would reliably get users to understand that these are buttons…

We have currently opted for adding nlu training data under the button intents so if the user writes text similar to the buttons they will still trigger, but it is not 100% reliable (since they will say something like “option 3, please” meaning the 3rd button).

This may be more of a conversation design problem than a Rasa problem :man_shrugging: