How to interpret Rasa timestamps

hey I am looking for some help here

I was checking the tracker for each event and want to save the timestamp of each one. But I got things like:

timestamp": 1647270226.9377751, "timestamp": 1647270236.226419

I am not sure about this huge numbers. What does this mean? What unit is this? Is there a way of printing at what time this event happened? thanks folks

This is the Unix timestamp, used by computers.

This is how computers understand time - as the number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970 00:00 GMT.

It’s most commonly represented in seconds (1647270226), some languages like JavaScript use milliseconds (1647270226937), and Rasa uses seconds with microsecond precision (1647270226.9377751).

To transform that value to a human-readable date, first convert it to an int so that it becomes in seconds, and use your preferred method from this list.

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this is super helpful, thanks @ChrisRahme

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