How to install Rasa on Jetson nano package 4.4

Hello, I would love for someone to help me. I’m trying to install Rasa on Jetson Nano with JetPack 4.4. I installed tensorflow version 2.3.0 successfully. But every time I install Rasa I have an error that I don’t have tensorflow_text or in tensorflow_addons. I also installed the above libraries but for some reason they are not found. If anyone can help me I will be thankful for that.

Hey @rotem65400, I don’t have experience working with Jetson Nano, but I have seen people successfully deploy rasa (1.something) on Jetson TX2. I think the issue had to do with which versions of tensorflow_text and tensorflow_addons were available, and they had to install specific binaries of these libraries.

If you want more help, it would be best to indicate which version of Rasa Open Source you’re trying to install, as well as posting the actual error messages and how you installed the libraries.