How to Install Components in RasaX with Helm

Hi everyone!

I have a doubt regarding the installation of RasaX components after installing v1.0.1 using Helm.

Does anybody know an easy way of installing Spacy or other components in RasaX with this installation method?

When installing Rasa via Helm I tried to change the version’s name from “2.8.15” to “2.8.15-Full” in values.yml in order to work with Spacy in Spanish.

However, when I try to run Helm, Rasa’s pods get stuck in a loop and don’t allow me to proceed.

rasa-x-1642704284-rasa-production-594659fb7b-sv8sb   0/1     Init:ErrImagePull       0          6m
rasa-x-1642704284-rasa-worker-7d49cbcf6c-ghzsn       0/1     Init:ImagePullBackOff   0          6m1s

Also, I haven’t found any documentation detailing how to install the components outside of Helm.

I’d like to know what alternatives there are so I’m able to install them.

Thank you!

Anybody can help me to solve this problem? Thank you very much!

@josenlp90 I hope this will help you : RASA X on Kubernetes cluster -> How to add SpacyNLP with Helm ??