How To implement REGEX ON Entity Value

hey beautiful people :slight_smile: :slight_smile: need help of you guyzz I want to set a regex for specific entity value so is it possible ???

For example the value is kaybees and it’s entity label is name and I want if I enter the word kbis or kbc or kb so it understand as kaybees which is saved in name(entity label)

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Sure, read the docs

Really Thanks for you reply… I already read it but can’t find it :frowning: :frowning:

Hey @Malik, what’s the issue while you are using the Regex?

hey @JiteshGaikwad actually what I understand from reading documentation that u can implement regex feature on an entire entity label and not on a specific entity value and here i’m just want to confirmation that is it my understanding is right or wrong , if i’m right then what should I do for the problem i was mentioned on a very first post

Like the name says, regex is for matching regular expressions, like a zip code or phone number, or tracking code and so on. From what I understand, you want the name entity to be changed from kbis, kbc or kb to kaybees, right?

Is it going to be used in a form? If so, in the validation python code for the form, you can easily check for kb, kbc or kbis and replace the value with “kaybeees”.

What happens if it is another different name?

@samscudder No I didn’t use form , just custom python code in my file for our custom actions…one thing i came to learn that for this purpose i have to used synonym feature in file just for understanding look at it the highlighted thing

can i do this thing with regex???