How to handle the recommend stories like this

hey, supposing we are in the shopping conversation. like:


  • compare_item{“item”: “A”,“item”: “B”}
    • slot{“item”: “A”}
    • solt{“item”: “B”}
    • utter_action_compare_item_API(from db)
  • comfirm +ask_recommend_item{“demand”: “Improve immunity”}
    • slot{“demand”: “Improve immunity”}
    • utter_action_ask_ageandsex
  • enter_data{“number”:“10”,“sex”: “male”}
    • slot{“age”: “10”}
    • slot{“sex”: “male”}
    • utter_ask_whether_has_dis
  • enter_data{“dis”: “cold”}
    • slot{“dis”: “cold”}
    • utter_action_rec_item_API(from db)(let’s say the recommend is item C)
    • utter_ask_more_help
  • item_usage(here with no item,like: how to eat this)
    • slot(here we know the user is asking for the recommend item :C; how to write the stories to handle this )
    • utter_action_usage_item