How to get slot about name of person?the name is too much, can't list all in the lookup tables

how to get slot about name of person?If I use name_form for different person,such as teachers,English teacher, computer teacher, math teacher… such as English_teacher,role is english. {Y2C6BSL_(9VU%3S8HMXOPP

I use spacynlp,it can extract the PERSON。 J5ZK}H5T3LVQ63~~AJQ$OSX you can see,I use validateXXform;if the name is not in lookup,use validateXXform to reset the slot. but when I input name, it response the nlu_fallback.It seem the validateXXform no function. And how to write?Is the form_entity need to change to form_text? 7V0UR9DAH)J_8MRP10{E}DH

I need your help,thansk

if the info_PERSON has a lot of names,can the rasa classify intention to info_PERSON when input names not i the info_PERSON and lookup tables?

It’s ok,when I have lookup names about 10000 names, and info_name have 1000 name,it will get the name

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