How to get raw value from entities?

hi there, i set an entity named “location_kr” and valued “Busan”, then set a synonym named “Busan City”. when i request “how to get Busan City?” to nlu , this is what i can get.

“entities”: [ { “start”: 0, “end”: 2, “value”: “Busan”, “entity”: “location_kr”, “confidence”: 0.9931345361964512, “extractor”: “jieba_pseg_extractor” } ]

but sometimes, i want to get raw value “Busan City” from sentence, like IBM watson assistant did. so may i know how can i get that raw value? thanks in advanced~

You could extract it from the user message with the start and end position you get together with the intent. The user message is just a normal event in the tracker store.

have you tried replacing the value and the synonym, make the value ‘Busan City’ and the synonym ‘busan city’ ? i am interested to see the result of this

oops, i forgot that way haha, thanks man