How to get from latest bot message all the Confidence levels of intents and entities

hello guys,i’m trying to benchmark my rasa nlu pipeline and to do so i would like to create a function that goes through all of my questions that are in a csv file. And to run them and get new colums with intents and confidence level associated, and also entities with their CL.

The thing is i have no idea on how to run this and get the appropriate return that i need.

Do you have any suggestion on how to get " tracker.latest message" for each question?


if you want me to share a bit of my code i can do so,


Hi @nini, the easiest way would probably be to run rasa_nlu.server. You can write a script that sends request to the /parse endpoint, and the endpoint will return the predictions and confidences. Please have a look at the docs

For a more general evaluation, you can use rasa_nlu.evaluate, see here