How to get custom data of rasa webchat and set in slotset?


i am sending userid in custom data using rasa webchat and i want to get this id for each session & store in slots so that i can perform queries from database or api for that user.

Please help me with this…i am new to rasa

Thanks in advance

Hi @priya359 , Did you get the solution??

hey @Aashay1 for now, i am doing it by setting slots in initpayload of rasa webchat

Hi @priya359 , can you share your code to fetch data from initpaylod ,

i was able to get the data , but for some reason its not working now .

Thank you


initPayload: “/get_started{“empCode”:“421”, “empName”:“Priya”}”

here, empCode and empName are slots and it got set with get_started intent & then you can access your slots from tracker in for custom action or api call

I hope, it will help you

The code , i am not able to fill the slot , I guess I am missing something !!!

you need to start conversation with get_started intent so that slot can set,

write a short story in like

  • get_started
    • utter_intro
    • utter_greet

Hi @priya359,

can I have our git repo , I am not able to follow-up

Hello, how are you? I can’t get me to take a variable, will you know how to do it? I tried as follows and it did not work for me

var tram1 = “process 1”;

var tram2 = “’” +’ / tramiteIniciado {“tramite”: “’+ tram1 +’”} ‘+ "’";

                         WebChat.default.init ({
                         selector: "#webchat",
                        customData: {"language": "is"},
                         socketUrl: "",
                         customData: {"userId": "123"},
                         socketPath: "/",
                         title: "Mendoza Tax Administration",
                         subtitle: "Virtual Assistant",

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How did you send the customData back to the API?

You can access the custom data by adding this file to your project : (6.8 KB) and add metadata to UserMessage in handle_message function as :

 message = UserMessage(
            data["message"], output_channel, sender_id,, 
            metadata = data['customData']

Update your crendentials file to:

   user_message_evt: user_uttered
   bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
   session_persistence: true

Finally you can get your custom data from custom action as below:

    events = tracker.current_state()['events']
    user_events = []
    for e in events:
        if e['event'] == 'user':

    custom_data = user_events[-1]['metadata']