How to fetch dates from user response

Hi, I’m unable to use duckling , so I used Spacy Entity Extractor for DATE extraction. Spacy is extracting dates fine but it is not showing difference between “from yesterday” and “only yesterday” strings.

How I can understand exact dates when user says “only yesterday” → as just yesterday and “from yesterday” ==> as from yesterday to today.

I need to do in above way to extra reports based on from and to dates. Please help me.

@suripaleru did you mentioned such use case training example in nlu?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

yes, I’ve added enough training examples in nlu page. Problem is, spacy extractor is always giving date as yesterday either user says “only yesterday” or “yesterday”.

I need from and to dates from the user intent. How this can be done ? any help please.

any help on this please ?