How to extract Date and Random Values in the slots

As the user input is Start Date, End Date and Multiple Reason, I am tried to store that values in Slots but its not extracting

Hello @ShahidCloudsys,

Date and name extraction is a tough part. try using Spacy for this.

Hello @ShahidCloudsys

To extract dates, you may have more luck with Duckling. We currently don’t support roles and groups for Duckling-extracted entities, but we have this on our research board.

@j.mosig I tried to create a form using entity role and groups but it’s not working it’s shows this error i want to store random names also.

Hello @athenasaurav I didn’t use spicy, let me try that


This looks like a bug! What is the output of rasa --version? Also, this thread might help.

@j.mosig Thank you , Resolved the Issue now the random words and dates all stored Successfully