How to execute one action, report to user and then execute another?

Within a story, all sequential actions gets executed before returning to action listen.

Can I make Rasa return an action response to user and then execute the rest of the actions without taking any input from user in between?

I want to response back that “your form is being processed, please be with us.”

Hi @raghab1990 . You should be able to achieve that with the same one custom action you have. You can use dispattcher.utter_message(’’) inside of your custom actions to send the messages to the user. So in your case, you can send that message at the beginning of your custom action and the run the rest of the code in your custom action.

Thanks for the reply, but dispatcher utter message inside a custom action gets executed at the time the custom action returns control to rasa. But I wanted it to execute before custom action gets completed.

Anyway I found the answer. websocket allows action by action to be replied back to user in contradiction to api mode where all the actions gets replied to user at once before action listen.