How to Deploy Rasa to Webflow or NoCode Site

Hi, I am completely new to Rasa, so please excuse ignorance of question. Are there any complications to be expected from connecting Rasa to a webflow website? I assumed that you would just embed chatroom.js in the html of the site, but webflow does explicitly say you cannot run python.

Any advice on expected complications greatly appreciated. With thanks. V

Hi Violet -

I haven’t personally done the connection but other people have to similar website builders like Webflow. They usually just provide a place for you to embed custom code as you mention.

It doesn’t matter that Webflow can’t run python because it’s just hosting the code to call your rasa server hosted elsewhere and show the response back to the user.

There’s a similar question from the Webflow forum about adding a live chat provider and they give a similar answer. Adding a Rasa chat window will be similar to a live chat provider.

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Dear Chris,

Many thanks. Much appreciated. Just wanted clarification before investing time.

Kind regards, V

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