How to deploy Rasa 3 on Ubuntu 20.04 with microk8s

Dear all, I fail to deploy a Rasa Open Source Server on a clean Ubuntu 20.04. This are the commands I use (using root user)

I first install snapd

apt-get update
apt install snapd

Then microk8s

sudo snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.28
sudo usermod -a -G microk8s $USER
sudo chown -f -R $USER ~/.kube
su - $USER

Then follow the instructions on Deploy Rasa

microk8s kubectl create namespace rsg
touch rasa-values.yaml
nano rasa-values.yaml

I add:

  initialModel: ""
microk8s helm repo add rasa
microk8s helm install \
    --namespace rsg \
    --values rasa-values.yaml \
    bot1 \
nano rasa-values.yaml

I add:

  type: "NodePort"
microk8s helm upgrade --namespace rsg --reuse-values -f rasa-values.yaml bot1 rasa/rasa
export NODE_PORT=$(microk8s kubectl get --namespace rsg -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services bot1-rasa)
export NODE_IP=$(microk8s kubectl get nodes --namespace rsg -o jsonpath="{.items[0].status.addresses[0].address}")
echo "http://${NODE_IP}:${NODE_PORT}"

If I curl the adress, I get connection refused. I tried different things like enabling ingress, port forwarding, checking /etc/hots, … but I just failed. What should I try?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! Simon

Hello @simon-kloker

Under normal circumstances the rasa service is accessible only within the Kubernetes cluster. Could you try accessing it via a load balancer by updating your rasa-values.yaml file with the following configuration

    type: LoadBalancer

Thanks for your response. However, there was no change… Any other idea?

if there is anybody willing to help, I may even give access to my server and let him/her try himself/herself.