How to deploy multiple Deploy RASA_NLU model

How to Deploy multiple models in single pipeline.

Hi there @Pavan_gali, we don’t currently support multiple NLU models in rasa 1.0 but it is a feature we are considering bringing back. you can see the full discussion here: Removing projects for Rasa NLU server

Hi @Pavan_gali

just to make sure: Do you mean using several models, trained with the rasa train command for one single bot, or do you mean to e.g. use several SpacyNLP pipeline elements, loading different models?

Regards Julian

we want to load multiple pipelines for different models. config1.yml for model 1 config2.yml for model 2

Now while starting the Rasa server how do i support this. as Rasa takes only one config file(.yml).

The config should be part of the model packaging itself, though. How are you using multiple models @Pavan_gali?