How to deploy Flask service with NLU model for production?

Hi guys. So I am able to create a Flask-based service where I load my nlu model and run predictions on it and parse through the response JSON. However, I get the following warning when running the Flask app in my dev environment:

 WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment.
    Use a production WSGI server instead.

How do I go about deploying my existing Flask service through a WSGI server? My Flask service repackages the response JSON by omitting and reformatting certain attributes, so it’s important that I can deploy it without using any default CLI commands that deploys a model for me and outputs the default NLU response JSON

Hi bhargavat, since this isn’t about rasa itself we (the rasa team) can’t help much. Maybe someone in community has experience with Flask but otherwise I suggest trying more Flask specific resources.

Thanks for the response. I have figured it out alternative means. For others reading this, look into deploying your Rasa Flask service using waitress