How to create rasa chatbot in executable format?

I have build a rasa chatbot…I want to convert it into executable format or portable format… is it possible in rasa ???

hey @galandeshridhar, can you explain in detail?

I have build a chatbot in rasa. when i run created chatbot in any other machine…I need to install python and supporting libraries. I want to avoid this process doing repeatedly…for that I am looking to create a executable file (.exe file)… is it possible in rasa or is there any other solution for the above problem??

I haven’t really tried it yet but you could try producing binaries itself using PyOxidizer. (GitHub - indygreg/PyOxidizer: A modern Python application packaging and distribution tool)

You could try it and post here how it went. (I’m really interested in this)

hey @galandeshridhar, did you tried the virtual environment?

@galandeshridhar have you proceeded in that??

I have the same problem. Do you know the solution?