How to create log file in actions server

Hello, when I start my actions server,I want to put my log into a file. When I run my nlu model server, I use the command “rasa run -m models --log-file out.log” and it works fine. But when I run my action server, I use command “rasa run --log-file out.log actions --actions actions” and it doesn’t create any log file. How can I put my log in a file like my nlu model server?

Hi, You can use below command to generate logs of action server and save it in a file:-

rasa run actions -p 8081 -vv >> ./actionServer.log 2>&1


Tnx for your answer, but do you know how I can access the user input text, the extracted slots and intents, and the output text produced by rasa? @ prasgaut