How to convert csv file to rasa format

As mentioned above my csv file:

(open by notepad++) The content of the csv file: 1 , question , answer 2 , question , answer 3 , question , answer …

@dan246 Hi, there so many online tools for converting csv to yml such as CSV To YAML Converter, but make sure you add the basic syntax in the starting. Try remove the index i.e 1,2,3,4 etc etc and use only question for nlu.yml as only questions are required for the training and for answer you need to mention in domain or need to create some custom action logic to fetch the answer for the question.

For example:

version: "2.0"


  - intent: menu

    examples: |

      - show me main menu

      - show menu


What if there is a lot of content?

Add one by one in domain?

@dan246 I not get you on this, if you have a lot of content or data (as you creating a manual) or responses to a questions in domain.yml then yes you have to do it manually in every utterances for related intent. Alternatively, you can fetch the data using CSV or database.

ok thanks!!