How to control intent when fill slot?

Hi: I am using Action, not form action. When the user wants to search attribute based on my graph database, to make my action to be more flexible, so I just define one intent to map all attribute related query. for example:

user: i want to the memory size of host? (intent is : query_attribute) agent: what is your host ip? user: is :???)

because I could not decide the,it is filling the ip slot) intent. So I cannot control the intent, any solution to solve this?

you may ask why I cannot set as the intent query_attribute in my traning data, becuase when I want to search relation, I still need to fill the slot and input, and in this sence, the intent is query_relation. So, could you pls help to provide some solution about this except form action?

@123 That’s a good question. I agree is not a proper intent as such but all such user utterances which give out some information can be clubbed under one intent like enter_data and you can add training data for these. Look at the enter_data intent in our demo bot Sara. It solves a similar purpose. I would recommend adding CountVectorsFeaturizer both word and char level in your NLU pipeline to help the NLU model pick up these intents.

thanks. by the way, does rasa provide some on-time chat group for developer? in my home country, some open source provider will provide some offical chat room for the user so that can provide help to users as well as collect feedback from users. the chatroom like facebook group, whatsapp group,wechat group. :slight_smile:

No we don’t do that but we try to be as active as possible on the forum to help out our users :slight_smile: