How to configure bots to present choices to the end user if the intent confidence scores are in proximity


I have just started using Rasa NLU + Core. I have a use case where I need the bot to present options to the end user in case confidence scores of multiple intents are very close.

For example, I have IntentA and IntentB with a confidence scores of 0.8 and 0.79 respectively. Is there a way that the Agent(bot) can present both the options to the user so that the user can select which is the right intent?

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.


Currently no, however this is something we’re looking into with the fallback action

Thanks for your response. I was also thinking the same that some enhancement with the fallback action should be useful. Will keep an eye if something comes up in upcoming upgrades.

Just a quick background - we are intending to replace our DialogFlow based solution to RASA Stack. In the current DialogFlow based implementation we have this feature already implemented. Therefore, we would like to ensure that the future RASA-based implementation should be able to match/exceed all of the existing capabilities of our solution.

Given the above context, it would be good to know how strongly is this feature being considered for being put on your roadmap? Is this something that we can expect to be available in the near future?

Some visibility should help us plan appropriately.

Could you do that with a custom component ?

You could modify the fallback action to do something similar for now yeah