How to build a great Conversation Experience

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Well,this category might not be totally relevant about this discussion,excuse me for that.

I was willing to find some resources which describe how to build a great conversational UX. For instance if we talk about traditional visual UI UX,there might be some general guidelines like alignment,color saturation,harmony,fonts etc.

What applies equivalently to a great conversation experience and are there any good resources which may give a deep insight in building a great conversation experience whether the conversation is about sales or psychology or dentist or fun etc.

Please give your expert advice on conversational designs and what challenges we may face.

I am searching google for the same and I will be posting if I get some great resources.

Thankyou, Vivek

Hey Vivek,

You might find this blogpost useful, but please if you find other good resources that you find useful with UX design, feel free to share it with the community :slight_smile:


Hi Vivek -

I write about chatbot design and figured you may enjoy my most recent article on Medium!

This provides an overview for approaching chatbot development and design and how it relates to the 4 stages of cognitive development.

This is a great thread you started here, and I will definitely add more resources that I find too.


Thanks Juste and Christopher for the posts,reading them.I will post updates soon.

Vivek :slight_smile:


I found a couple of blog posts to be interesting This one essentially tells the important stuff from the headline “CI Dos and Don’ts” and This one which is a bit advanced but still gives deep insight.Keep posting guys,your posts are awesome and offer great insight.

Thankyou, Vivek

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