How to apply ‘TopicSet’ class?

Hello everyone,I have a question,Now there are two scenes. The current dialogue process is in the first scene. If the user suddenly asks the second scene(The first round of the second scene conversation), Can rasa automatically enter the second scene? I don’t know much how to apply ‘TopicSet’ class .Thanks in advance!

topics were an experimental feature, which we’ve removed from the library since. You should handle your use case with stories

Thank you,But if like that,Stories will save a lot of stories and may lead to conflicts. In fact, this can be complicated. There is a similar question. Why can’t I return to the previous step by the keyword “rewind” used in the "event"class? It will often return the current question or continue to communicate according to the story.I think the “rewind” have similar functions with “restart”,But only the “restart” test succeeded.Thanks again!

what do you mean with stories leading to conflicts? this will only happen if you provide conflicting stories :slight_smile: As for rewind, if you want to go back one step, this should be done by returning either UserUtteranceReverted() or ActionReverted() from a custom action

Hi @akelad when i try to call ActionReverted function, i am getting below error:-

action_name, ['{}'.format(e) for e in events]))

TypeError: 'ActionReverted ’ object is not iterable

Can you please help me on this.

how are you returning it? should be return [ActionReverted()]