How to Add Indents and Responses in our domain file

Hi this is Murtuza Kantawala Please help me out My Rasa x Framework is running but the indents and responses i am adding in the domain file are not getting added and i am not getting proper output so please help me out with this How to add indents and responses in domain file

@murtuza Hi, do you me intents and responses?

@murtuza you can add intents and responses in domain.yml file and then train it; you can run as rasa shell and as well as rasa x to see its working or not?

@nik202 i didnt get you sir actually

i Have added that intent and responses in Domain File but the chatbot runs Deny intent and answer me good bye

@murtuza can you share some screenshot what you had done?

Command Prompt dont allow screen shot

Did you link the intent and response with a story or rule?

i dont know how to do that can you send detail procedure or video how to do

Please read the links in my message above, they contain all the information you need.

Here’s an example:

- story: greet
  - intent: greet
  - action: utter_greet

@murtuza Rasa X Tutorial 1: Constructing a Basic AI Assistant - YouTube | Rasa X Tutorial 2: Expanding Language Understanding - YouTube | Rasa X Tutorial 3: Richer Responses - YouTube please see this basic video to get the idea.