How should I exactly override the Keras Policy (I want to change the default LSTM model)

How should I exactly override the Keras Policy (I want to change the default LSTM model) In the Docs it is given that to change the model we need to override the model_architecture method but exactly which files we have to create and where to specify the new model seems unknown to me. One method that I found the shortest is to edit the in the source code but would be unfair to use in the current scenario. Do let me know the best approach.

Like you would do with a normal python class. Just inherit from the keras_policy class, override the model_architecture method and add it as a custom policy to your config

How should I import KerasPolicy I tried creating a with newKerasPolicy class at project root with model_architecture and train but it says

rasa.core.policies.ensemble.InvalidPolicyConfig: Module for policy 'newKerasPolicy' could not be loaded. Please make sure the name is a valid policy.

Configure your python path properly so it knows where to look for that particular module

I had already configured PYTHONPATH and verified using

>>> import sys
>>> for line in sys.path: print(line)

I then created a file named at project root with the following contents:

class newKerasPolicy(KerasPolicy):
     def model_architecture(...)
     def train(....)

My config.yml file:

- name: newKerasPolicy
  random_seed: 1
  validation_split: 0.1

Still I have the same error as above, I think I have made a mistake in class inheritance but cannot find it out. Infact I am able to load the module using import newKerasPolicy from any location, still the same error persists.

Try putting newKerasPolicy.newKerasPolicy in the name instead.

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Ya Thanks a lot, this finally worked.
I then also had to include from rasa.core.policies.keras_policy import KerasPolicy

and all the imported libraries at: ~/miniconda3/envs/rasax_gpu/lib/python3.7/site-packages/rasa/core/policies/ and from typing import Any, List, Dict, Text, Optional, Tuple outside and inside the class respectively.

It then worked totally fine.
Had a nice brush up of concepts, and Yeah having someone looking at the problem does really help out.

Glad to hear it works ^^ Just some advice, try to follow the convention for naming your files and classes so it would be something like new_keras_policy.NewKerasPolicy.

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Sure, Thanks Again !!