How many entity examples are needed? [GER]

Hey there!

I’m wondering how many examples for an entity I have to give until rasa gets it in the chat? I’m trying to get a car’s licence plate (which is in the form of AA-BB-1234). I gave 5 examples of different length in my but the bot doesn’t recognize any entity - even when I use the exact same example like in the training file.

I’m using the de_core_news_sm spacy model btw.

Thanks for the help!

Can you try regular expressions to extract licence plates, it would always follow some sort of pattern and would be easier for you I suppose to extract such information instead

good call! Is there any doku I missed on regex usage in the rasa stack? Especially when I’m using the FormAction to fill slots?


Ah I found it in the NLU docs, thanks mate!: