How does rasa x connect to event service?

I have the rasa x Kubernetes cluster setup. I am failing to understand how does the rasa x connects to the event service which runs as a separate service with env RUN_EVENT_CONSUMER_AS_SEPARATE_SERVICE set up as true in rasa x. Though everything runs fine I don’t see any logs in the event service. Can anyone please explain how does it work?

Does the architecture diagram in this docs page help? (Not sure what level of detail you’re looking for :))

You might also find the Event Broker discussion in the docs helpful!

Not much. I run rasa in k8s, rasa-x, and event service runs on separate pods, I couldn’t find the config for the rasa-x to find the event service pod (from official helm chart). So I couldn’t understand how does rasa-x connects to event service. Please point me any doc that points to this. Thank you @rctatman

mybe after reading thisevents could resolve your confusion.

“Not all events are typically returned by custom actions since they are tracked automatically by Rasa (e.g. user messages). Others events can only be tracked if they are returned by a custom action.”