How do I set an endpoint and port for a NLU-only model?

Hi! Sorry if this is a simple question, I can’t find this documented anywhere.

I want to rasa run a NLU model. Right now I’m having those [Errno 98] error while attempting to bind on address ('', 5005): address already in use andRuntimeError: Cannot run the event loop while another loop is running errors probably due to me first trying to run in a notebook and then trying it on a commandline.

Is there a way for me to specify the endpoint of the base server in endpoints.yml?

If so, will these errors happen once I try to run this outside of jupyter lab?

Thanks for this awesome project.

Type rasa run --help in commandline and a list of options will pop up. Youre lookign for this one

-p PORT, --port PORT Port to run the server at. (default: 5005)