How do I connect Mautic API with RASA

I’m trying to connect the Mautic - with my chat bot. The problem is all the documentation of the API is in PHP. I am looking to add contacts into mautic based on the user input the chatbot receives. Mautic’s API library is in PHP only. How do I connect to an API library, when the library only exists in php and not python?

PS: I tried the python wrapper, but it doesnt work. Can anyone please help?

Could you use custom actions? I’m assuming that Mautic has a REST API. In which case, you can write a custom action in python to send a request to Mautic containing all the info. I’m unfamiliar with Mautic, so it does depend on the flexibility of their webAPI.

Yes I plan on using custom actions. But the problem there is since the library is in PHP, I cannot import it in the custom actions file. So even if I connect to Mautic using RestAPI, how do I do actions like adding contacts, based on chatbot user input, for example?

Can you help with that?